For Long-Term Residents

As a new or long-time resident of the City, you understand the added value that university and community colleges bring to a city. However, in addition to the increased revenue, cultural and athletic venues, community service, and strong part-time labor force that students and Cal Poly give to our community, there are also the challenges of congested parking, parties, noise, and house maintenance that can create dissension, discomfort, and hostility among neighbors.

Some long-time residents of neighborhoods with one or more student rentals have come to appreciate the value of establishing positive relationships as soon as possible. They've discovered that when they introduce themselves to their student neighbors, they often find polite, conscientious young adults who are much more likely to respect their needs once they've met and talked with long term residents. Introduce yourself, welcome them to the neighborhood, offer to exchange phone numbers.

If civility and neighborliness isn't working to solve conflicts with your student neighbors there is a free mediation service, SLO Solutions, available to all city residents. You can contact them by telephone at 549-0442 or visit their website at They are available to give coaching, advice over the phone, up to full mediation for neighbor, tenant and/or landlord disputes.

City Calling Guide for problems in your neighborhood

  • Police Non-Emergency: (805) 781-7312
  • Neighborhood Outreach Manager: (805) 781-7186
  • Debris, Parking in Yard: (805) 594-8189
  • Illegal Burning, Overgrown Weeds: (805) 781-7380
  • Sewer Back-up, Excessive Odor: (805) 781-7215
  • Converted Garage, Illegal Occupancy: (805) 594-8188
  • Noisy Animals: (805) 781-7312
  • Loose Animals: (805) 781-4400
  • Noise, Parties, Other Disturbances: (805) 781-7312
  • Recycling, Water Conservation: (805) 781-7217
  • RV's used as Residences: (805) 781-8188
  • Water Meter Leak, Main Water Leak: (805) 781-7215
  • Parks: Restroom Problems, Broken Play Equipment: (805) 781-7220
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